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One Stage Light Oil Burners

The Riello 40 G series of one stage light oil burners, is a complete range of products developed to respond to any request for home heating. The Riello 40 G series is available in eleven different models, with an output ranging from 12 to 240 kW, divided in four different structures.

All the models use the same components designed by Riello for the Riello 40 G series. The high quality level guarantees safe working.

In developing these burners, special attention was paid to reducing noise, to the ease of installation and adjustment, to obtaining the smallest size possible to fit into any sort of boiler available on the market.

All the models are approved by the EN 267 European Standard and conform to European Directives for EMC, Low Voltage, Machinery and Boiler Efficiency.

All the Riello 40 G burners are fired before leaving the factory.

Available Burner Models

G3 23.8 ÷ 35.5 kW

G3R 23.8 ÷ 35.5 kW

G3RK 15.0 ÷ 35.0 kW

G5R 28.0 ÷ 60.0 kW

G5K 29.0 ÷ 60.0 kW

G5RK 12.0 ÷ 60.0 kW

G7 29.0 ÷ 69.0 kW

G10 54.0 ÷ 120.0 kW

G20 95.0 ÷ 213.0 kW

G20S 95.0 ÷ 240.0 kW

Product Specification


  • Completely automatic monobloc light oil burners, with one stage operation fitted with:
  • Fan with forward inclined blades
  • Metallic cover lined with sound-proofing material
  • Air damper, completely closed in stand by, with adjustment
  • Single phase electric motor 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Combustion head fitted with:
    • stainless steel head cone, resistant to high temperatures
    • ignition electrodes
    • flame stability disk
  • Geared pump for fuel supply, fitted with:
    • filter
    • pressure regulator
    • attachments for fitting a pressure gauge and vacuum meter
    • internal by-pass for preparing for single-pipe installations
  • Fuel feed solenoid valve incorporated in the pump
  • Photocell for flame detection
  • Electronic flame control equipment
  • Light oil nozzle
  • IP X0D (IP 40) protection level
  • Fuel pre-heater (optional)
  • Reduced output ignition mechanism (optional).


EN 267 standard.

Conforming to

  • Directive 89/336/EEC (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Directive 73/23/EEC (low voltage)
  • Directive 98/37/EEC (machinery)
  • Directive 92/42/EEC (efficiency).

Standard equipment

  • Two flexible pipes for connection to the light oil supply line
  • Two nipples for connection to the pump
  • Flange, screws and nuts for fixing
  • Thermal screen
  • 7-pin plug (on request)
  • Instruction handbook for installation, use and maintenance
  • Spare parts catalogue.

Available accessories to be ordered separately

  • Extended head kit – Spacer kit
  • Light oil filter
  • Biodiesel kit
  • Remote control release kit for 530-531 SE control boxes – Balanced flue version
  • 7-pin plug kit
  • Hour counter kit for 530 and 531 control boxes
  • 7-pole socket kit for 530 and 531 control boxes.
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