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Three Stage Heavy Oil Burners

The PRESS T/N series of burners covers a firing range from 320 to 5130 kW. They have been designed in three versions for use in commercial and industrial installations, to burn different oil viscosity from 7 up to 60 °E @ 50°C. Operation is three-stage, thus making these burners suitable for installations that have variable but predictable heating requirements.

A servomotor adjusts automatically air damper to the opening value, determined to obtain always the necessary fuel consumption. Every model of PRESS T/N series is available in two different combustion head length (short or long head) to be selected on the basis of specific application requirements. An electric preheater has been fitted to maintain the oil at the correct atomising temperature at maximum output and special heaters kits are separately supplied for burning high viscosity oil.

Simplified maintenance is achieved by the Riello designed slide bar system, which allows easy access to all of the essential components of the combustion head.

Available Burner Models

P 140 T/N 320/800 ÷ 1600 kW

P 200 T/N 515/1140 ÷ 2280 kW

P300 T/N 626/1710 ÷ 3420 kW

P450 T/N 855/2560 ÷ 5130 kW

P140 T/N ECO 320/800 ÷ 1600 kW

P200 T/N ECO 515/1140 ÷ 2280 kW

P300 T/N ECO 626/1710 ÷ 3420 kW

P450 T/N ECO 855/2560 ÷ 5130 kW

Product Specification


  • Monoblock forced draught heavy oil burner, three stage operation, made up of:
  • Air suction circuit
  • Fan with forward curved blades
  • Air dampers for air setting controlled by a servomotor
  • Fan motor at 2850 rpm
  • Combustion head, fitted with:
    • stainless steel end cone, resistant to corrosion and high temperatures
    • ignition electrodes
    • flame stability disk
  • Gears pump for high pressure fuel supply, fitted with:
    • filter
    • pressure regulator
    • connections for installing a pressure gauge and vacuometer
    • internal by-pass for single pipe installation
  • Valve unit with a oil safety shut-off valve fitted in series with three valves controlling three-stage on the output circuit
  • Heavy oil kit cartridges (for T/N version viscosity 7°E @ 50°C and for T/N ECO version)
  • Pipes heating cable (T/N ECO version)
  • Oil pump motor at 1400 rpm (T/N ECO version)
  • Oil preheater
  • Servomotor for air damper regulation
  • Photocell for flame detection
  • Flame control panel
  • Flame inspection window
  • Slide bars for easier installation and maintenance – Protection filter against radio interference
  • IP 40 electric protection level.

Conforming to

  • 89/336 (2004/108) EC directive (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • 73/23 (2006/95) EC directive (low voltage)
  • EN 267 (liquid fuel burners).

Standard equipment

  • 2 flexible hoses for pipe connection
  • 2 nipples for flexible hoses
  • 1 thermal insulation screen
  • 4 screws for fixing the burner flange to the boiler
  • 3 nozzles
  • 2 extensions for bars (for long head version of P 300 T/N and P 450 T/N)
  • 5 wiring looms for fittings for electrical connections (7 for P 450 T/N version)
  • 1 star delta starter (only for P 450 T/N version)
  • Instruction handbook for installation, use and maintenance
  • Spare parts catalogue.

Available accessories to be ordered separately

  • Nozzles
  • Head lenght reduction kit (spacer)
  • Sound-proofing box
  • Burner support
  • Gas separator bottle
  • Selfcleaning filter
  • Heavy oil kit
  • Heavy oil precirculation kit
  • PC interface kit.